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E-Practice Record

E-Practice Record™ - Sending your Child's Practice Through the Future!

The E-Practice Recordis a simple way for parents to quickly and efficiently send their children's practice records directly to their music teacher.  This way is more convenient and reliable for both the parent and the teacher. In addition to being convenient, it is also economical by saving paper.

The E-Practice Recordis available for school bands, choruses, and orchestras to use for a small price.

Want to see an example?
Click here and sign in with the username testuser and password test to see the E-Practice Record Demo.

Click here to sign into the E-Practice Record Director's Podium with the username directortest and password test.


How it works...
The E-Practice Recordis hosted on our servers, saving time and trouble.

After signing up and paying for the use of the script, we give you a unique web address link for you to add to your website.

Next, you ask the parents for their desired usernames and passwords and send them to us to enter into the system. The first 40 accounts are included with the setup fee for the first year. There is a charge for each additional block of user accounts (up to 20 per block).

When the parent logs in, they can submit a practice record which will then be emailed to an email address that you specify.

Other features:


  • E-Practice Recordallows you to receive E-Practice Records either by email or Excel Workbooks or both by logging into the E-Practice Record Director's Podium. Useful statistics are available by class and user from the Director's Podium.
  • Useful statistics are available for each user account.
  • Students can view past practice records that they submitted to you! After logging in, they can click on View Past Records. Every past practice record submitted within the school year is available.