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Wireless Access Manager

Wireless Access Manageris a simple way for libraries to secure wireless networks and keep track of monthly statistics.


How it works...


Wireless Access Manager is a wireless captive portal and report system for Evergreen ILS (http://www.open-ils.org/). The captive portal system authenticates patron barcodes and passwords/PINs using the 3M Standard Interchange Protocol 2 (SIP2).


3M SIP2 Integration allows for greater control over who is and is not allowed to login to your library network through wireless.




  • Seamless integration with Evergreen ILS
  • Guest accounts (accounts automatically expire daily)
  • Control wireless logins through ILS
    • Prevent barred patrons from accessing wireless network
    • Prevent patrons marked as "No access" from accessing wireless network
    • Prevent patrons with fine amount over fine threshold from accessing wireless network
    • Prevent expired and inactive patrons from accessing wireless network
  • Detailed reports
    • Record patron name, barcode, IP address, Login date & time
    • Available in Excel & PDF




Want to see an example?
Click here to see the patron login demo.
Click here to login to the Wireless Access Manager with the username hqstaffdemo and password demo.

Click here to download the Wireless Access Manager user guide.





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